Mediation Services Inc. is a non-profit agency serving Shawnee County and Northeast Kansas.  Mediation Services Inc. provides a wide variety of mediation programs to help those in need within our service area
Mediation Services Inc. improves the awareness and safety of the community by:
  • Educating youth and families as to the consequences of making improper choices,
  • Providing families with useful tools enabling them to solve family issues and maintain stability and tranquility in the home and neighborhood,
  • Supporting children of dysfunctional homes ensuring they receive proper exposure to and guidance from both parental entities and,
  • Offering problem solving services and training wherever disputes may develop.

Are you currently a State of Kansas approved mediator?

If you are currently an approved mediator and would like to volunteer for one of our many programs, please go to the "Contact Us" page and send us a note.

Would you like to learn how to mediate?

If you are interested in becoming a mediator, please go to the "Contact Us" page and let us know.  Classes will be starting soon.
Mediation Services Inc.  P. O. Box 1252, Topeka, Kansas 66601-1252
Phone:  785-640-2490
Email:  Ron@mediationkansas.org